Plunko - Playland

Welcome to Plunko, where mining for treasures becomes a captivating adventure! The new Mining Screen is the heart of this game, offering you a chance to collect virtual coins, unlock layers, and collect rewards with every tap.


- Mining Fun: Tap on the mining screen to start collecting virtual coins. As you progress, open up new layers in the shop that increase your passive generation.
- Layer Upgrades: Unlock up to four layers, each boosting your collection rate. Start with 1 coin per second and work your way up to 4 coins per second for maximum collection.
- More virtual coins: Tap directly on the layers to gather extra, making your mining experience even more rewarding.

Continuous Rewards:

- 30-Minute Activation: Activate the mining feature every 30 minutes to keep it flowing. Simply visit the mining tab and let them accumulate passively.
- Persistent Play: The longer you play, the more layers you unlock, leading to greater rewards and endless fun.

Important Information! All rewards and coins within Plunko are for in-game use only and do not have real-world monetary value. This ensures a purely entertaining and engaging gaming experience without any implications of real-world transactions.